Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy

Paid Social media advertising offers businesses a chance to reach new, targeted audiences fast. But as more small businesses turn to social media to bring in new customers, competition in the space is growing. Building your media presence isn’t as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, with paid social media advertising, it’s possible to reach decent traffic numbers.

A well-targeted campaign can significantly boost your marketing efforts and net you a higher return on investment.

What is Paid Social Media Marketing?

After you’ve taken the time to create quality content, you would want people to see it. Of course, you could post on your socials and wait for your followers to see it. But if you’re looking for fast business results, this might not be a great idea to increase leads and sales.

Through paid ads, you can quickly market your content to your target audience on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This way, your campaign starts with an extra boost rather than just relying on organic traffic.

Paid social media advertising might sound daunting, especially for beginners. Which platforms to use? How much to spend? The truth is, a lot of variables go into an advertising campaign. The type of platform, campaign and audience are some of the factors you should consider when deciding on your marketing strategy. For example, Twitter offers short-form content, Instagram is highly visual, Facebook has a whole marketplace for its shopping enthusiasts, while LinkedIn is a space for B2B networking.

Why Invest in Paid Ads?

If you’re starting from scratch and would like to grow your traffic via social media advertising, paid campaigns can catapult your reach and boost your credibility.

Still not convinced on why you should be spending your money on paid marketing? Here are three reasons:

Organic reach is on the decline. Gone are the days you could post content on Facebook or any other platform and expect consumers to pay attention to your campaign. Yes, some of the content might score a ton of engagement, but most might feel like they’re invisible. Targeted ads ensure you’re getting impressions without worrying about algorithm restrictions.

Highly-targeted audiences. The freedom you get in choosing who views your ad is a significant perk of social media advertising. With this kind of precision, you can be sure to attract quality leads interested in your business offering.

Access to detailed metrics. Whether looking to measure the CTR, CPC or ROI, analysing your performance is straightforward with paid advertising.

How To Implement Paid Social Media Campaigns in Your Content Marketing

Create a content calendar:

Brainstorm what works with your business

Important questions here to ask include;

What goals do you want to reach?

What do you plan on spending both in the short and long term?

What are the best platforms that can help you achieve these goals?
A good strategy would be to look at where your competitors are hanging out and what approach they’re using on their social media campaigns.

How many internal resources will you need to allocate to your paid advertising campaign?
Once visitors land on your page, you will need to keep them updated and engaged. Your brand will have to keep curating juicy content to keep the audience hooked.

Experiment with a few paid advertising platforms

After brainstorming the platforms that could boost your reach, it’s time to get on the ground and find out what works. Remember, you don’t have to experiment with every platform to achieve decent results. Once you find a channel that gives a good ROI, stick to it.

Remarket to your audience

In any form of advertising, remarketing/retargeting is always a game-changer. If the term sounds unfamiliar, it’s a strategy where you market ads to visitors who have previously interacted with your website.

See an example of how Facebook has helped this business grow using Facebook Ads:

Need help with your Social Media Ads strategy?

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