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Whether you’re struggling with a limited budget, the time restraints caused by having a smaller Google Ads management team, or even a lack of direction, a well-structured PPC marketing plan that’s appropriate for your business can provide guidance as you scale.

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    Google Ads Management and Set-Up

    The first step with Google Ads management is the setup. Creating a well-structured account involves linking your AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager accounts. Each of these platforms plays a crucial role and must be able to communicate with one another to provide relevant data to deliver the best results for your Google ad campaigns. Other aspects of setting up a high-performance account include designing custom audiences and implementing the bid strategy and spend model. Depending on your business, we may incorporate a cost-per-lead model or a cost-of-sale model.

    Existing Google Ad Accounts Review

    If you already have an active AdWords account and are currently running ads, we can review your existing account and start to make suggestions and improvements to your campaigns. This includes identifying low-quality scores, underperforming ads, wasted ad spend, best-performing devices, poor keyword targeting, incorrect use of match types, underperforming geo-locations and even looking at the best time of day that your ads should be running to increase conversions.

    Example Cost Utilising Google Ads

    Google Ads are based on a cost-per-click (CPC) bidding model. Let’s consider the following example to understand what the cost of obtaining one sale might be: 

    Total clicks x Cost per click = the cost of the Ad 

    Let’s say a typical cost per click is £1.07. If an ad generated 100 clicks, cost would be calculated as:

    £1.07 per click x 100 clicks = £107 Ad cost.

    If a website averages a conversion rate of 2%, then it would be represented in the following way:

    100 clicks (leads) x 2% conversion rate (sales) = 2 sales. 

    With a cost of £107, this would then result in a cost of sale equaling £53.50 (depending on the business model).

    Highly Targeted Google Ads Campaigns

    In structuring highly targeted Google Ads campaigns we utilise competitive gap analysis software to determine what keywords are primarily responsible for your competitors’ online success.

    This helps us improve your company’s positioning online and bridge the gap between your website’s current performance and your desired performance. We eliminate guesswork, by data mining sets of keywords to determine the search volume of each and target those.

    We focus on driving effectiveness and efficiency on CPM, CPC costs and more importantly driving a solid return on investment.

    We optimise at a granular level and develop our own scripts to ensure you get the maximum return for your money, fully tracked to the penny.


    Google Ads Management

    Google Ads Management Services And Planning

    Careful and considered planning is the foundation of a successful Google Ads campaign. An informed and well-thought-out selection of keywords, match type, and overall AdWords architecture is essential. At Clubbish, our expert team takes a reasoned approach to campaign planning.

    Increasing Landing Page Relevancy
    In-line with Your Businesses Objectives

    Many factors go into page relevancy, such as careful selection of keywords and creating specific ad groups. We increase the relevancy between your website and the search terms used in your Google Ads. This, in turn, helps increase quality scores in Google Ads. Over time, these improvements will help save ad spend and result in a lower CPC (cost-per-click).

    Researching Google
    Keyword Possibilities

    As part of our commitment to real-world analytics, we research and test thousands of potential keywords. Through testing and the accumulation of substantive results, we can develop a broader view of your market and what will perform best for you and your customer base. We analyse this data and carry out further keyword research based on our findings.

    Google Ads Management Services

    We design, build, optimise, manage and measure your Google Ads PPC campaigns. This includes keyword research all the way to designing the creative.

    We focus on driving effectiveness and efficiency on CPM, CPC costs and more importantly driving a solid return on investment.

    Ongoing Optimisation Based on Data
    Optimisation is Everything

    Optimising Google Ads is extremely important. Optimisation ensures that your campaigns are targeting the right consumer at the right time with the right product or service. This accomplishes two things: it increases the likelihood of a sale, and it also helps to keep your ad spend as low as possible. Whatever question your business needs to ask, we can come up with the answer.

    Google Ads PPC
    Google Ads Management

    Google Ads Management Adjustment Techniques

    Once your Google Ads are up and running, Clubbish continues to analyse the data delivered from Google AdWords. From this analysis, we identify more opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your ad spend and increase conversions. Bid adjustment techniques include:

    Ad Triggering by
    Day of Week & Time of Day

    We’re able to predict the most profitable days for sales or to maximise customers browsing the site. We are also able to optimise for the time of the day, meaning that we can stop advertising during less productive parts of the day.

    Platform Specific

    People behave differently on different platforms. We are able to optimise your ad spend by device and direct people who are browsing on smaller screens to more optimised landing pages if your site is not yet fully responsive.

    Deciding on the Right Mix of Google Ad Types

    Once the planning and research portion is complete, we implement our findings and build out a truly brilliant PPC advertising campaign for your business.

    Google Search Network
    Search Ads

    Search ads are the most common form of digital ads and can be extremely effective, but many advertisers design them incorrectly. Search ads’ best practices rely on research and good copywriting fundamentals. These types of ads are the four that appear at the top of the SERPS page for almost any search query made on Google.

    Google Display

    Display ads are graphic-based advertising. This type of ad is very useful in building brand awareness and increasing intent to purchase. We make sure that these ads feature across relevant sites in the Google Display Network. By doing this we’re able to reach targeted niches that are likely to yield customers for your product or service by using this pay-per-impression service.

    Shopping Ads

    Google Shopping ads are a great way to highlight your product or service. This type of ad is a paid ad service that allows you to appear based upon a set of price and delivery date. Aimed at the shopper seeking value, it is a great addition to a campaign strategy for retailers that are price competitive.

    Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing is an extremely useful tool for keeping your brand top of mind for consumers. It can help you reach people who have previously visited your website and can even show products they have viewed. This type of ad can be useful for increasing conversions and sales. The ads will appear as they browse sites that feature Google Display Network advertising.

    Dynamic Search Ads

    Dynamic Search ads are ideal for reaching consumers that are searching for exactly what you offer. Headlines for these ads are generated using your website’s content so your ads remain relevant. They are structured around certain parameters, URL-based being the most popular. They’re also ideal as a research tool for new campaigns or to plug in gaps in existing search campaigns.

    Ads and Video Remarketing

    YouTube is the world’s most visited video portal and every year video content continues to grow as the primary form of consumable content on the web. If you have an existing video or TV advert, Clubbish is able to promote your brand message to targeted groups and locations. YouTube Ads are simply one of the best ways to create cost-effective advertising campaigns.

    Google Ads Management with PPC Ad Extensions

    This service adds additional information to the SERP page showing your advert. Activating these free PPC ad extensions does not add cost to your campaign but does increase the amount of space taken up by your ad on each search page. This means your ad looks larger and more impressive alongside your competitors.

    Review Extensions

    Information is fed from systems such as Feefo and to provide customers insight into your service. This helps build trust through third-party providers.

    Sitelink Extensions

    Links to specific product categories are displayed alongside your advert. This adds extra connectivity to pages further into your site. These are useful for increasing conversions.

    Location Extensions

    Add your local store address and a link to Google maps. This is ideal for publicising click and collect locations. This is triggered by the user’s location.

    Call Extensions

    Allows you to display your local telephone number, enabling it to be called directly from the ad on mobile devices. These are very useful for increasing click-through rates.

    The Stages of PPC Account Management

    Once the planning and research is complete, we can implement our findings and build you a truly brilliant PPC advertising campaign.

    Google Ads Step 1

    First Stage

    Setup, Build and Learn

    In the beginning, your AdWords spend will be at its least efficient. This is normal, but it is also why this stage is the most labour intensive. This stage sets the foundation for the future success of the campaign but will keep costs under full control.

    Google Ads Management Step 2

    Second Stage

    PPC Optimisation Period

    In this stage, you will be seeing positive results and conversions. We will continue to review strategy and targets with you to ensure we are meeting goals and fulfilling your business needs. We also continue to fine-tune and investigate new possibilities and opportunities for you.

    Google Ads Management Step 3

    Digital Maturity

    Ongoing Management and Scale

    At this stage, your PPC campaign will be running on all cylinders, hitting targets, and exceeding expectations. We continue our strategy of fine-tuning and testing, as well as monitoring the market for new trends. All the while, we keep our finger on the pulse of your industry.

    Google Data Studio Reports

    At Clubbish, we provide data that is clear and transparent. We always make sure that you have access to your campaign data, as part of your account setup process. We create a set of bespoke Google data studio reports that can be easily downloaded or shared to your team via a live link, giving you full access to real-time campaign data on a 24/7 basis.

    Data Studio reports tell stories with data. These stories can persuade, provide insights, validate decisions, or argue for a change of course.