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Facebook Ads Management

The Clubbish Facebook ads management team will take a scientific view of your advertising spend vs conversions data. Social media narrows the odds of finding potential clients by developing a long-term engagement platform between potential customers and your brand.


Facebook Ads Management
with Clubbish

    Unlike many ad agencies who guess values, we run test campaigns to ensure that the figures we give you are correct and that the conversion rates (where applicable) are based on real data.

    Facebook Advertising Awareness AwarenessAds

    Awareness ads ensure that people stay in contact with the new content on your page.

    Once a potential customer is following your page, they are far more likely to engage with future content and special offers in your newsfeed. You are also likely to be shown to their friends with similar interest

    Facebook Advertising Acquisition AcquisitionAds

    Acquisition ads are designed to generate a return by taking potential customers to the buy button of your site.

    Our calculations are more critical here as we are hoping for a quick conversion rather than a long-term interaction.

    Facebook Advertising Retargeting RetargetingAds

    Retargeting ads do not automatically generate a return.

    There is a protracted process behind each like that will often generate sales later – but its immediate effect is to prove the value of your content to social media platforms ensuring your products remain in the public eye.

    We calculate the cost in the following way:

    Total likes x Cost per like = Ad budget

    The typical cost per like is around 38p, so the budget would be calculated as

    For example:
    £0.38 per engagement x 1000 engagements = £380 Ad budget.

    We calculate the cost in the following way:

    Total visits required to site x cost per click = Ad budget
    For example:
    1000 clicks to site x £0.38 per click = £380

    We will also work out a monthly total revenue from the channel vs spend on advertising
    to give you a cost of sale.

    We calculate the cost in the following way:

    Total engagements required x Cost per like = Ad budget

    The typical price of an engagement is around 9p, so the budget would be calculated as:

    For example:
    £0.09 per engagement x 1000 engagements = £90 Ad budget
    Please Note: There are usually multiple campaigns sitting under each of the three segments

    Why Facebook?

    • Generate awareness of your business
    • Raise sales by building engagement
    • Lower cost of sale with a mathematical approach to advertising
    • Target customers using data they have provided to the platform
    • Generate more leads

    Build Ad Carousels
    Directly on Facebook

    Clubbish makes it easy to bring a selection of your top products directly to the Facebook platform.
    We link your sales database directly to the platform making it possible to show targeted product carousels to Facebook visitors.


    Targeting Audiences

    Deeper Targets


    An awareness campaign is designed to drive the number of followers of your brand.

    As well as enabling regular access to people who have shown an interest in your products and services, it also allows you to show the success of your brand and the depth of your customer base.

    to Site

    Acquisition is designed to showcase your new products to people with an interest in your brand and guide them to the purchase page of your website.

    This method limits wasted spend and allows you to focus on existing clients and improving the rate of return visits.


    The retargeting campaign is designed to bring people to your Facebook page and to give them a reason to stay on the page.

    This reason could be offers, exclusive or early access to products or for content that causes them to build a long-term relationship

    Behind Our Ads
    The Maths

    We base our advice on our detailed knowledge of ad sales marketplace and of the value of your sales to show the true value of your advertising channel.

    Growth and

    Even though the main purpose of Facebook is not revenue, it nice to know that campaigns, over time, can pay for their own advertising and can be scaled to match your aspirations and the size of the total market.


    We have already outlined our mathematical approach to Facebook advertising. However, unless you can quantify your successes, you will not be able to see the value of your ads.

    We offer a fantastic range of meeting and boardroom-ready reporting that show the success of your work and the actual costs and benefits of your engagement with your customers.

    Facebook Ads Management Services

    We recognise that social media and its associated content can be difficult to implement. At Clubbish we offer a full range of social media services including

    For more details on these services and how they may be able to help you, please contact us and get a free quote.