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Instagram Advertising has been the social media success story of the last few years. Our Instagram Ads Management team loves how detailed the targeting and demographics can be when running ads on this ever-growing platform.

But how do you get Instagram followers and improve visibility and get your products and services in front of the right people?

Discover how to generate revenue with Instagram and improve your return on investment from your social media advertising tools.


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    How to Sell on Instagram

    Advertising on Instagram is particularly popular with brands that focus on the female youth market. The site has a far younger audience than most other social media in the UK with 39% of its users in the 16-24-year age bracket. The site has 14 million active British users and continues to grow.

    Who Uses Instagram
    Sponsored Ads?

    Our Instagram ads management services is a great way to reach visually focused individuals. The site is particularly popular with young professionals and those with a higher education background.

    It has found particular favour amongst fashion and design based brands who view it in a similar manner to high-end magazine advertising, but typically find that instagram ads cost are below those of competing media in the same market.

    Instagram campaigns are typically more engaging than those on Facebook or Twitter. This is in part due to the engrossing nature of the imagery used and also due to its mobile interface, that encourages interaction.

    Targeting of
    Instagram Advertising

    Our Instagram ads management packages allow you to target consumers where they are most comfortable and to break down your ad spend by self-defined demographics. Instagram advertising make sense for retail brands, particularly those in the youth clothing sectors.

    The service is primarily mobile driven and is a great tool for driving engagement and sales to a younger and typically female market place.


    • Gender
    • Age
    • Languages spoken
    • Education
    • Ethnicity
    • Income
    • Net worth
    • Household composition
    • Relationship status
    • Work status
    • Interests (including competing brands)
    • Buying profiles

    Instagram Ads Management - How to Get Started

    If you are looking to grow your brand recognition on one of the fastest growing social media platforms, call today to discuss your advertising needs. We will talk you through the basics of building the new platform, and advise on the likely costs of the project, as well as talking though other options such as influencers takeovers and giveaways that can run in conjunction with your campaign to build recognition.