YouTube Advertising

Moving video sells. Get your brand in front of millions of your target audience

How to
Advertise on YouTube

Online video is growing exponentially, so its little surprise that savvy business who use video marketing have followed the viewers eyeball and invested in YouTube advertising.

With a wide range of technologies on offer, from overlay ads that drive purchases of your company’s products directly from the video advertising, through to promotion of the more TV-like pre-roll YouTube adverts that are familiar to businesses and viewers alike, there is a solution for your marketing needs

YouTube Advertising

Whether you are using YouTube marketing to gain deeper engagement by promoting your channel or YouTube video, or are simply looking to display your wares to a large audience, then there is a marketing package available for you.

With a low-cost-per-view, and with no charge for viewers who do not watch a significant portion of your video, video advertising can be a useful service for companies undertaking branding exercises, as well as providing the cost benefits and functionality of a PPC campaign.

What YouTube Ad Types are Available?

Overlay Ads

YouTube In-video overlay ads are 480x70 image ads that appear overlaid on the bottom of the YouTube video player. The overlay ad appears when the user initiates video playback. You can optionally include a 300x250 companion display ad. These ads use a similar reporting format to text based PPC, focusing on impressions, click and click through rates.

Video Ads

There are two main forms of these ads, skippable and non-skippable

The video ad can appear when a user initiates video play either in the beginning (pre-roll), at points in between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll).

In a skippable video ad, viewers are given the choice to skip the ad after the initial 5 seconds. In a non-skippable video ad, viewers are not given the choice to skip the ad. Non skippable ads can be a maximum of 20 seconds.

Advertiser can also provide an external URL as a call-to-action (CTA) for these kinds of ad; the link will appear as “Visit Advertiser’s Site.

Remarketing Ads
on YouTube

When advertising on YouTube, why not take advantage of retargeting ads? Retargeting is a great way of growing your brand awareness and making sales amongst groups of people who have already seen your advertising, or have visited your channel. Within the YouTube for Business control settings, your will find many opportunities to create remarketing lists that reach people who have performed the following YouTube-related actions:

  • People who watch any of your videos (also known as YouTube views)
  • People who make an action (like, dislike, comment or share) on any of your videos
  • People who view your video as a TrueView video ad
  • People who visit or subscribe to your YouTube channel

Advertising Costs

If you are looking to promote a YouTube video of your latest product then you are probably wondering what the YouTube advertising costs are. Like any PPC campaign the costs will vary depending on the desirability of the keywords that are firing your YouTube ads. However, the ability to target specific keywords, and the higher barriers to entry (from the need to produce a video or graphic overlay) can lead to some keywords being cheaper than on more traditional text based platforms.