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Linkedin advertising ads are ideal for B2B companies who are looking to reach decision makers through the professionally targeted social media platform. Whilst your Linkedin business page will give you access to these professionals, your Linkedin PPC will ensure that you stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of companies who have a profile on the platform, magnifying your impact and return on investment.


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    There are 19 million LinkedIn accounts in the UK alone, and with more than 30 million people in employment, the site has some room to grow. Unlike other social media, LinkedIn is all about connecting professionals and advertising your services and products to a focused and commercially minded group. Targeted LinkedIn ads allows you to target people in certain roles within your chosen profession. The adverts make it easy for B2B companies to target people with decision making or buying power within other businesses.

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    Clubbish offers a number of solutions to help drive profits through LinkedIn advertising. If you are a small manufacturer looking to sell your products into a larger retailer, a targeted Linkedin campaign can build interest and brand awareness amongst the buying team allowing you to positively influence opinion before you even set foot inside their offices.

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    Service Industry Advertising

    A different tack can be used by service providers. Maybe you are a home letting agent looking to influence property developers or buy to let landlords. Ads on the platform can be targeted by business interest, as well as business size and location.

    We will take care of the complete campaign, keeping your Linkedin ad costs to a minimum.

    With a wide array of targeting options including Linkedin Video Ads, and precise user supplied information, targeting small minority professions through the campaign manager tool can be extremely cost effective.

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    Service Industry Advertising

    LinkedIn advertising can also be used in conjunction with remarketing advertising also known as dynamic retargeting. Once LinkedIn has delivered a visitor to your site you are able to add cookies to the user and then follow their activity around the internet.

    If you appear in a number of popular locations that appeal to your industry, you can give the illusion of a large B2B online campaign with little cost.

    LinkedIn advertising make sense for driving engagement and sales in a targeted way whilst increasing your potential list of clients. Call today to discuss your LinkedIn advertising needs