Clubbish Supports Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Charity

17th January 2020

As regular readers will know, Clubbish Is a keen supporter of Shine, the charity that supports people living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  We recently took part in the organisation’s virtual balloon race.

The virtual balloon race is an environmentally friendly twist on an old idea.  Previously, companies and individuals would sponsor a physical balloon to be released into the atmosphere, with the resultant pollution.

At Smile, a computer programme simulates the conditions at the launch of the balloons and works out their course based on real-time weather information.  Unlike in the real balloon race, you also now have a way of boosting your balloon – giving it a slight push back into the air and higher Jetstream to allow the balloon to go further.

The most recent race which took place in September saw the SFB group Ltd take first place in the race.  Their balloon was one of 1952 and travelled a total distance of 2515.67 KM.  The prevailing winds took the balloon south-west from the starting point in Paddington, London. It landed in the seas near the island of Ilha Terceira in the Azores.

The next race will take place on the 22nd October 2018. This will promote the importance for prospective mothers to take a vitamin B9 supplement prior to falling pregnant.  The charitable donations provide funding for Shine.

The charity offers a wide range of vital service which includes a Life Long Opportunity Programme which includes a range of tailored age-related events including opportunities for families to enjoy weekends away.  It also includes teen residentials, independent living workshops and events for the over 40’s.

The service also offers a dedicated team of Support and Developments Workers connect with Members throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland to address health, practical and emotional concerns.

For more information on Smile visit their website at