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Having the right SEO agency that can create a winning strategy can massively decrease your overall cost of sales, reducing reliance on paid advertising alone. It’s a long-term channel that requires patience and investment but over time can bring great rewards.

Our expert team are dedicated to improving the performance of your site through a comprehensive package of on-page content and copy, technical site changes and off-site editorial and influencer marketing. It’s a big job, so let’s break down the process behind perfecting your site.


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Our SEO Process In-Brief

We are well versed in creating SEO strategies for retail websites. Before beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. To that end, we break the process down into the five steps shown below.

SEO Account Setup

We know that structure is important. When your first join us, we create a great set of bespoke reports and systems that we make available to you 24/7 through Google Drive, giving you access to your accounts wherever and whenever you need to dig in to your reports.

Technical SEO

When we set up your account, a technical task log is created and continually added to. This makes sure that issues like: pagination, duplicate content, sitemaps, indexing issues, image file sizes, creating AMP pages for your blog and all other issues are logged, addressed and actioned.


In Google’s own words, “we rank websites relevant to search queries”. This means having landing page copy, URL paths, H1 tags, meta titles and descriptions that are optimised for relevant keywords so Google will organically trigger your pages, as well as improving your quality score in PPC.


Off-page SEO has changed massively over the last few years. Editorial in industry magazines, awards and accreditations, social signals and amplifying your brand via niche social Influencers to generate buzz around your products and brand has replaced the methods of yesteryear.

SEO Reporting and Measurement  

We work hard to create a set of bespoke holistic reports that measure success, failures and areas we can improve. We look not only at increases and decreases in traffic but also break down organic landing page sessions and revenue to help us understand the revenue generated from our efforts.