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Having your products reviewed through influencer marketing from influencers that have hundreds of thousands of followers on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and meet your demographic, is a great opportunity to create brand awareness and buzz around your products at a relatively low cost.

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    How Does it all Work?

    We offer access to the leading influencers in the field, from around the world. Our service offers the talent that is dominating every sector across all of the top social networks. We work with more than 180,000 online influencers to build your brand. What’s more because your message is spread as a semi-personal recommendation, this easily converts your brand awareness in to customers.
    Influencer Marketing


    Facebook has 1.4 Billion active users worldwide with a 60% reach in the UK. The split between male and female users is roughly equal. It is more popular with older users, but still has a substantial reach across all age groups.


    Instagram has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years and it’s user base of 300 million has overtaken Twitter. 90% of UK Instagram followers are under the age of 35. It appeals strongly to urban females and professional women.


    Twitter now has 15 million active users in the UK with the vast majority of them aged under 35. Seventy five percent of Twitter users are following less than 50 accounts. Once you become popular on the platform you can achieve strong visibility.

    Using Influencers
    in your Marketing

    For anyone used to conventional marketing techniques influencer marketing will seem very different

    By drawing on acknowledged experts in their field, your brand is able to gain extra authenticity. Your influencers will always be drawn from amongst groups that reflect your brand values. This offers a personal endorsement of your products at a relatively low cost.

    It also means that this endorsement will be seen by the followers of your influencers – people who have already chosen to actively absorb the views and opinions of your influencer. To use an analogy from traditional media, this is the equivalent of being mentioned by a trusted columnist rather than taking out an advert.

    Brand Activation

    Our team bring your products and brand to life. By conducting your brand activation with influencer marketing you can create an authentic and loyal following for your product at a low-cost.

    Content Creation

    We are experts in the retail b2c market and have built many successful online campaigns. We are able to work with your influencers to offer bespoke content creation for them to feature online

    Influencer Marketing Strategy

    With significant experience in driving influencer marketing campaigns, we can offer realistic strategic planning and advice, backed by hard data from test campaigns, not fanciful projections.

    Expertise you can Trust

    Clubbish was born in 2008 and has been active in social media and influencer marketing from the beginning. Influencer marketing is still evolving, but our years of experience mean that we can offer you a superior level of knowledge to more recent arrivals in the market.

    Our tried and tested formula is to grow your brand recognition through personal endorsement and building conversations, not through ad placement. Our activities increase your exposure to already engaged online visitors, generating awareness of own-brand terms and acquiring new customers for your business.

    What to Expect from an
    Influencer Marketing Campaign


    In line with your requirements; we will draft a brief containing details that you will have stipulated for your campaign.

    Depending on the turn around time you require, we will set a clear campaign deadline for all chosen influencers to stick to. You will be free to tweak any parts of the brief as you see fit before this goes live on our platform.

    for Influencers

    Your campaign will have many organic applications from influencers. However, throughout the process, we also keep an eye out for the perfect fit, niche influencers who will also be invited to work with your brand.

    The final list will depend on the audience and demographic you are aiming to reach.


    Once we have collated a list of Influencers for your campaign, we will send these potential options over for you to review. You can then go through this, removing or approving certain influencers; after this we will go ahead and confirm the campaign with them.

    From this point, we will hand over to you, to have your products dispatched in good time for the influencers to complete their posts.

    Completion of
    the Feature

    As we approach the deadline for your campaign, all influencers are prompted for the links to their features. All links are recorded in your account folders which you will have 24/7 access to.

    Once all links have been collected, all data is beautifully packaged into an online brochure to show off the success of your campaign, the influencers we used and the social reach that you accrued.