E-commerce Website Migration

Re-platform your online shop without losing revenue or traffic

Website Migration

Why do you need our website migration service?

When you’re planning a new website build on to a completely different platform there is a lot to consider. If the migration is done badly, you can find that your organic search ranking has dropped considerably which causes huge losses in traffic and revenue. A disorganised migration can create a headache for your PPC agency and can disrupt other channels like affiliates and social.

  • Have a smooth transition to your new platform
  • Reduce the chance of losing traffic and revenue
  • Bridge the gap between your in-house team and your developers
  • Maintain the SEO value from external links
  • Peace of mind and less stress for the project manager and developers
Our services during re-platforming also include:
  • Mapping out all historical URL paths
  • Cataloguing all meta data
  • Creating new H1 Tags and on-page copy
  • Development site crawls
  • Post-migration crawls and snagging
  • Rank and analytical post-migration reports

The Process During

If you are re-platforming to a new CMS system, we are able to work with your developers to implement practical improvements that will optimise your site.

In our experience having a 3rd party migration company involved really bridges the gap between the other two parties and lets them work more efficiently with peace of mind that all bases are covered.

Have you already re-platformed and are losing sessions and revenue?

If you have already migrated your website to another platform and are losing organic sessions and revenue, we can help you with a recovery program to bring the lost traffic back.