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Our aim is to increase revenue, lower your overall CoS and decrease CPA

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When we start work on a PPC campaign, we often find that it has grown organically over time, sometimes becoming Frankenstein in nature and lacking the finesse of a clubbish build out.

Many times, different account managers and strategies have been put in place with varying skill levels and understanding of the campaigns key metrics. This can breed inconsistency, loss of revenue, duplication and missed opportunities in the way accounts, campaigns, and ad groups are structured and named.

We provide a structure and naming convention in line with the sales filter and campaign objectives. This is a regularised format for naming campaigns, accounts and ad groups, no matter how big the client, or how extensive and varied their history in PPC.

Why Work with Clubbish?

  • Adwords Certified Retail Marketing Agency
  • Focused on Improving ROI
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Over 15 years experience

Bid & Budget Management

We use a combination of technology and talented people to secure the revenue at the right COS, winning the battle over your competition. We take full advantage of the flexible bidding strategies available in the Google tool box.

We aim to allocate your budget primarily towards high priority top performing keywords to maintain maximum impression share at the right cost of sale. If we achieve commercial KPIs, we provide forecasts of potential new products and daily spend.

Attribution is at the core of our strategy, pushing potential clients down the sales funnel from several campaigns, making sure that own brand, generic and branded terms work together to drive sales. We setup measurement models that best suit your PPC campaign.

Getting great quality scores saves money and buys more impressions for your budget

Writing Convincing Ad Copy

Writing killer ads that are addressing the users wants and needs, and making them relevant to the keywords in their corresponding ad groups is key to getting high quality scores in AdWords. This will bring down CPC costs and increase impression share, therefore slaying the competition.

Keywords and Match Types

Often neglected on large accounts, we ensure we cover all bases when managing your campaigns. This includes making sure your keyword groups are tightly matched and have the right combination of broad match modifiers, phrase, exact and broad match types.

Quality Scores

Getting good quality scores will buy you more impressions for your budget. To do this involves getting your keyword groups, ad copy and landing pages relevant and working together. This brings down the COS, buying more traffic for the same budget.

PPC Service Process

There are a million actions that could be taken at any given time on a paid search account. Clubbish starts by investigating and focusing on the actions that will actually make a difference to your commercial goals.

Goal setting is such an important function for any marketing activity and forms the basis of our monthly strategy and planning sessions.

Meticulous planning is required to ensure everything we do is focused on achieving our agreed goals and that the time we spend on your account delivers maximum value.

The campaign management activities to achieve growth in conversion volume or market share are very different than those required to deliver maximum efficiency or the highest ROAS. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to PPC management, and the plans we put together are unique for each and every client.

Our Monthly PPC Management Process:

Step 1 

We work with you to define objectives and key results so we know everyone is working toward the same goals.

Step 2

Through campaign management and testing we figure out what actions will best help us achieve those goals.

Step 3

We monitor progress against the objectives and planned activity so we can report back to you or change direction if needed.

Step 4

We never rest, we continually review our client accounts, referring back to the objectives and ensuring that the investment is working as hard as it possibly can.