What Are the Benefits of the Facebook Pixel?

Of all the incredible tools created by Facebook, the Facebook Pixel has to be one of the most useful ones. Having this analytical tool in your advertising campaign helps you better understand your audience, allowing you to target audiences with increased relevance.

What are the benefits of the Facebook pixel? Here’s a few reasons you should consider including this powerful tool in your Facebook advertising.

What Are the Benefits of the Facebook Pixel?


A better understanding of your audience

The Facebook pixel garners information for both your current and potential audience. Plus, you can access Facebook analytics which you can use to identify the audience’s browsing and purchase activity.

Relevant engagement

In advertising, it’s all about targeting the relevant audience. Facebook pixels can help you retarget people who have visited your website and expressed interest in your products or services. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a marketing strategy that aims at attracting audiences who have already visited your site. Facebook pixel’s tracking data allows you to show targeted ads to such people.

The best thing about the feature is, you can later show an ad for a product added to the cart by a customer who never completed a purchase.

Lookalike audiences

Facebook can use its targeting data to help you build lookalike audiences who share similar patterns to people already interacting with your web pages. This can help you expand your reach and boost sales.

Consequently, you can create audiences of shoppers who have taken the desired action to exclude them from remarketing. This is a real budget-saver and will prevent you from annoying customers with unnecessary ads.

Longer shopping journeys

Some shoppers take their time to browse through items to find one that pleases them most. Facebook pixel’s data can help you identify such shoppers, enabling you to show them suggestions of other products they would like to look at as they browse.

Appeal to quick shoppers

Others, known as quick shoppers, look for simple elements such as prices or reviews to help them quickly decide. This data is invaluable in determining which ads best suite such an audience.

Promotion of in-store traffic

Sometimes, your shoppers may choose to browse through the items then buy in-store rather than online. Using this information, you can design ads that promote your products, informing your audience of store location, operational hours and product pricing.

Use Facebook conversion tracking

Pixel events track conversions like purchases, newsletter signups, the cost per conversion (CPA) and the conversion rate (CVR). This data is precious in reporting, targeting, optimisation and custom conversions. This way, you can accurately measure the impact of your advertising efforts and determine what is working.

Optimise Facebook ads for conversions

When a person shops on your site, Facebook takes note of who buys and how much they spend. This information can help you optimise your Facebook ads audience based on value. You can target shoppers who make high-value purchases from your site.

Without the Facebook pixel, you’ll have to optimise from lighter actions like link clicks whose costs are significantly high. Link optimisation can cost as much as three times per conversion compared to when optimising for conversions.

Measure cross-device conversions

Today, most people own or have access to multiple devices, making cross-device conversions increasingly common. For instance, some customers will prefer purchasing from their desktop computers even after spotting the product ad on their phone. Installing a Facebook pixel gives you access to such data, which you can use to track these audiences and optimise your ads.

The Facebook pixel is an invaluable tool that all businesses should add to their advertising campaigns. Use this guide to discover the benefits of the Facebook pixel and why you should use it.

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