Why Do I Need SEO For My Website?

One of the most common questions we are asked is: “Why do I need SEO for my website?”. We find the best way to answer begins by asking another question.
How many times per day do you reach for your phone?

You might not even realise you are doing so, but the average smartphone user reaches for their phone approximately 150 times every single day. These are called micro-moments. Often, micro-moments involve navigating to Google to search for answers to a question you have or information you need.

Just as you are participating in these micro-moments on a daily basis, so is your target audience.

So, Why Do I Need SEO For My Website?

Now, let’s go back to your question, “Why do I need SEO for my website?”.

When your target audience instinctively grabs their phone or opens a web browser on their computer to quickly type an enquiry into Google, you have a prime opportunity to reach them by being one of the top search results they see. This creates a pressing need for you to achieve a position on the first search engine results page (SERP) in order to grab their attention.

This is where SEO becomes crucial.

SEO involves researching the keywords your target audience is searching for in Google and positioning those keywords carefully into your web content. Over time, your webpage will begin to rank higher in the SERP and you’ll be offering value to your target audience through a website that is designed for conversions.

Research SEO Keywords

The Benefits of SEO

In addition to reaching your target audience and increasing site traffic, SEO is brilliant for a variety of reasons.

Free and easy to measure. With SEO, you can easily measure your established KPIs through programmes such as Google Analytics. In doing so, you will be able to pivot your efforts according to what is and isn’t working. Additionally, SEO is a great alternative to paid Google Ads as the goal is to rank in the organic results of the SERP.

SEO Measurement

Boost your credibility in your industry. As potential consumers can quickly find your website, they will be offered a wealth of information to supplement their learning process prior to making a purchase decision. By providing these individuals with value now, they will grow to trust you and will likely become paying customers in the future.

Build your brand while staying ahead of your competition. Not only does optimising your website help you to rank higher on the SERP, but enables you to move past your competitors as well. Meanwhile, you will be creating content that establishes your brand personality and meets your target audience’s needs.

SEO is Crucial for Your Business.

The most direct answer to the question, “Why do I need SEO for my website?” is that it is one of the most efficient ways of achieving your marketing goals. While optimisation takes much time and effort to accomplish, the benefits are incomparable and will benefit you for years to come.

Need help with your SEO strategy?

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