Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Business

Key techniques to help you increase traffic and revenue

Improve Your E-Commerce Strategy

Understanding the right blend of marketing channels available to help you grow, while remaining profitable is the biggest challenge in today’s competitive and sometimes crowded online market. Our research uses competitor analysis, mathematical breakdowns and clever technology to give us the edge in helping you to succeed in the multichannel battle.

Our Strategies Will Help You:

  • Remain profitable
  • Gain more traffic and revenue
  • Have a clear strategy with granular reporting

Remaining Profitable

As the marketplace becomes more crowded, prices are driven down, whilst at the same time, the cost of sale often rises. Due to this, many online retailers are getting their profit margin squeezed almost to breaking point, making it feel as if the only winners in this game are Google and Bing. We take a granular, measured and scientific approach to all marketing channels, making sure we move end users down your sales funnel profitably.

Gain More Traffic and Revenue

As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to data not available to the general public e.g. trend reports and country-specific industry analysis. We also have some very clever tech that can be used to benchmark the competition revealing new pots of traffic to tap in to. We have a deep understanding of each marketing channel and have forged relationships with the channel providers over the past 17 years. This gives us the edge over our competitors.

Have A Clear Strategy with Granular Reporting

Being able to “Measure and tweak” is the key to success online, but if you have not got a clear strategy with defined goals and a granular reporting process, you have set yourself up for failure online. As American retail maganate John Wanamaker was quoted as saying – “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”.

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