Your Lead Generation Company

We generate as many leads as we can for your budget, at the lowest CPL

Unlike some agencies, we see the product and services as yours. You are not renting a service from us, everything we build out, you will own and have full control of.

Fully Functional Sites
and Targeted Advertising

Our specialist team make it easy to generate leads via data capture with online forms, allowing your sales team to get on with the job of converting the contact into a sale

We will complete the technical set up of your lead conversion campaign for you, including the installation of conversion and event tracking tools. These tools let you see when leads come in, at what cost and from what marketing channel. This allows us to base all of our optimisation decisions on real-time data, not guesswork. Access to this information enables us to control costs and understand every penny and pence you spend:

You spend £1000 a month on Google Ads and generate 30 leads at a cost per lead of £33.33 per lead. You close 20% of those leads (6 sales), your cost per sale would be = £166.66. Easy right?

We use a combination of marketing tools and techniques to achieve the scalable solution mentioned in our example. The wealth of information at our disposal allows us to create custom campaigns built on logic and maths, giving you an simple solution to scale your business and understand the costs.

Pay Per Click Campaign
using Google and Bing

DOM Marketing is a Google Premier Partner for pay per click advertising. We can set up your PPC campaign and in most cases include a discount on your first month’s Google advertising.

As well as offering traditional PPC based on cost per click we are able to optimise your paid advertising campaigns to use cost per acquisition and cost per lead models.

We are also able to give you detailed feedback on exactly what is working.

Facebook Advertising

We offer access to regular users of the Facebook social media platform via its advertising service. The self-identified data provided by the user allows extremely refined targeting options for your advertising, reducing cost and wasted spend. We will offer a number of types of advertising on the site including.


Engagement ads -

Bringing people to your content and to get them to respond, like etc.


Ads to bring likes to your social media –

Creating easier communication in the future.


Offer & event ads –

Promotions to those interested in your products & services.


Location-based advertising –

Directly targeting your demographic within your locality.

Options and

If you are looking to get that extra bang from your lead generation buck, we offer a number of bolt-ons that can help give existing campaigns a positive nudge in the right direction.


If you already have a website or lead generation form, then we are able to provide additional support to make sure you’re ready to receive your visitors. We offer the following support services:

Landing Pages

If we are adding new landing pages we are happy to carry out a full audit of your existing website. We will highlight the work required to make your existing site a top performer.

Updating and Improving
Existing Sites

If you already have a website, and as long as it has been coded in PHP, we can work to improve or create the landing page experience, ensuring that the new landing pages meet SEO and PPC needs.

Completely New Websites
Designed and Built

If your current site is outdated, or your lead generation task does not have any current site, then DOM Marketing can help. We can offer you a fully built website, themed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The site will be hosted for you and will include all the forms, tracking and other systems that you need to be visible online and be able to collect enquiries.