International Expansion Strategy

Moving into new overseas markets is the key to 2019

Strategically Entering New Markets

If you are looking to expand your online business into international online markets, Clubbish is your perfect strategic partner. We have helped our clients launch sites in European markets and further afield in the US, Canada and Australia. We can offer a range of international expansion strategy services to ensure that you are on the right track when you launch outside the UK or if you want to launch in the UK from overseas.

We are able to advise on:

  • How to create and manage multilingual versions of your site
  • Determine which markets to enter
  • Page and product translations
  • International reporting
  • Technical costings
  • Marketing strategy & costings

Determining which
Markets to Enter First

Before you prepare for launch, as a Google Premier Partner we have access to beta products and non-public research that identifies the areas where your products are likely to be in demand. We also examine any existing overseas sales you have through distribution agreements in those countries. This identifies where your products are already known and have brand awareness, thereby giving you the best chance of success for your upcoming international adventure.

Multilingual Versions of your Site and Site Structure

There is a lot to consider if you are expanding internationally, you may find yourself asking such questions as these: Do I use international TLD’s, Hreflang or subdomains? Where should I host my overseas shops? How do I avoid duplicate content? We have the experience of how these technicalities affect your marketing channels, which ones work best and how it all fits together within a multichannel international strategy.

Cost Issues and Strategy

Just as in the UK, we can access a full range of tools to monitor the effects of shipping, returns and marketing costs upon your profitability. We can calculate the cost of sale on a per item basis, ensuring that you do not lose out due to unsustainable online pricing.

Deciding which channels you should launch first will raise some key questions, for example: Should you start with own-brand PPC in countries that you already have brand awareness in? Should this be backed up by pay on performance channels such as affiliates? We can provide the answers to these questions, reducing your risk and revenue loss.

Page Localisation & Translations

Working with our specialist website translation experts we are able to bring your site to the world.

We are able to accommodate translations in to most languages, and unlike automated translations used on some sites our professionals will ensure that local idioms are correctly rendered.

We are also able to make localisations of website data, for instance to change clothing sizes to those in use in the intended country.

Cultural Nuances & Customs

Even if you are not venturing outside of the Anglosphere, we are able to provide new text to avoid duplicate content problems and to address cultural nuances and customs.

The High Street for instance is a virtually unknown concept in the USA, where the words Main Street should be used instead. Similarly, New Zealand and Australia are probably immune to festive photography involving snow and ice, as the holiday occurs at the height of their summer.

Our team are able to advise on these and numerous other issues and take these anomalies into account when preparing fresh copy for your international expansion.

Contact us today to take advantage of our experience and data-driven advice.