Google Penalty Recovery

Helping you recover from online penalties

Think your Website has been Penalised by Google?

As Google's policies change, websites find that penalties, such as de-indexing or manual web spam actions are applied for transgressions of rules around website quality and relevance. This of course, can negatively impact your positions in the SERP’s. We are experts in restoring the prominence of your site and have experience of having helped many websites recover from similar situations.

Why has my Website been

Websites get penalised for a variety of reasons. These may include:

  • Buying Links
  • Duplicate Content
  • Not using 301 redirects
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Rented links
  • Slow Page Speed

The major cause of sites losing their ranking is the use of old-school linking technique, that have introduced 'spammy links’ into the backlink profile. In the past, any link from a site was classed as a bonus. This led to unscrupulous SEO companies creating thousands of links from low quality websites. Today, these links are seen as universally bad news and Google and other search engines do their best to devalue links from these sources.

What Else is Holding Back my Site?

Your own site may be the source of the penalty. A typical technique in use for many years was hiding text by changing the text colour to match the background (I.e. black text on a black background) This was used to get pages to rank for popular keywords without showing them to potential customers. These techniques are now potentially a source of penalties if they have not yet been removed.

Recovery from
Viruses & Hackers

If your site has been hacked recently or has been infected by a virus, we are able to fully rehabilitate your site and your search engine position. Our services include re-submitting sitemaps and arranging for crawls to resume on your restored content

Recovering your
Past Links

Have you recently redeveloped your site? If you have changed your site structure recently, then you could see your site being removed from the listings on search engines. We have recovered and recreated lost links for a number of blue chip clients, leading to a rise in rankings.

Duplicate Content

A surefire way to harm a site is to have significant amounts of duplicate content. Sometimes this is self-inflicted, for instance by pursuing a heavy handed link building process or using content from a product distributor that has also been used by your competitors. Other times you may find your content being used without attribution elsewhere. Search engines frequently misattribute the real source and will penalise your site in error. We can help by following reporting procedure to inform the search engines of their error, or by writing fresh, high-quality material to replace the content “borrowed” by your illegitimate competitor.