APP Marketing Strategy

Reach Your Clients Everywhere

As a Google Premier Partner agency, our APP marketing strategy will help you reach clients browsing the internet on portable devices such as mobile phones or tablet devices. With a huge increase in such devices over the past few years, many users are now using their phones for both product research and making purchases.

The Challenges of
APP Marketing

The smaller amount of screen real estate, combined with a lower attention span makes PPC  APP Marketing a challenge for companies without a mobile marketing strategy. We are an experienced Google AdWords accredited agency with a speciality in APP marketing and building mobile PPC  specific campaigns. We build ads that produce great engagement with your online store and increase your return on investment.

APP Marketing Benefits

Campaign Architecture

Creating logical AdWords architecture for APP specific PPC campaigns. Just like our desktop ads, our strategy will see the would-be mobile marketer discuss their aims and goals for growth.

Our team of experts will then plan a mobile marketing strategy for your PPC campaign that will be manageable, logical to administer, and above all, profitable.

We create a bank of focused APP PPC ads and ad extensions and conduct A/B testing to ensure that the correct engagements are taking place and more importantly occurring at the right cost to make your sales profitable.

We are also able to optimise your ad extensions to trigger additional contact points, such as click to dial phone numbers, or addresses that can activate turn by turn navigation within the phone.

Mobile App

Most companies will run ads to drive you to their site, but you can also use AdWords to promote your smartphone and tablet apps across both the Google mobile search and display networks.

These advertisements can be used to drive app installs and re-engagement and can be made to display when the client is using Wi-Fi, rather than cellular technology.

APP Marketing
Campaigns to Suit all Budgets

Just as in desktop PPC, we create a number of bidding strategies to suit your business objectives. Amongst the more common methods are cost per acquisition and cost per sale models.

The aim, whether on desktop or mobile remains the same: To generate sustainable growth.

We can also use mobile PPC to build an intimate emotional connection between your brand and consumers in lieu of CPM-based display advertising. Your ad management will be responsive offering you opportunities to keep your campaign up-to-date with the latest technological advances as well as other mobile marketing trends. As you only pay for clicked ads, you get great brand-building exposure at a low cost.

What do We Look for
in our APP Marketing Report?

Reporting isn’t just about measuring cost per click and cost per conversion. We are able to identify the peaks and troughs of mobile’s impact on your sales figures.

For instance we will pinpoint the days when lunch time research visits result in desktop sales later that evening, adjusting the spend accordingly.

By analysing the data, we are able to make an inference about sales lost due to add spend differentials and re-profile your budget to cope with this, or even set up remarketing campaigns using probabilistic and logged in deterministic data from mobile sources and mobile device ID’s to enable frequency caps on ad exposure and offer remarketing packages across devices.