Analytical Reporting

We create actionable reports to drive your business in the right direction

Struggling to Create a Set of Reports That Works in the Real World?

Our expert team will utilise our many years of experience to overcome this issue for you. When creating reports it is easy to get lost in the level of detail required. We receive many such questions on this, for example:

  • What types of data do I need to measure when running my online shop?
  • How can I get all departments working towards a clear goal?
  • Where am I losing money?
  • How can I get all my marketing channels reporting in a clear and concise way to harmonise reporting across the business?

  • We have created a multi-channel reporting process that covers all the important aspects of your business, including: SEO, PPC, Affiliates, Social, Email, Video and SMS. We offer an in-depth granular process to let you really dig around under the hood of each channel.

    Price and Product
    Gap Analysis

    Carrying out detailed price studies and product gap analysis is a great way to identify pricing issues at the same time as spotting weaknesses in your product ranges which will impact on your overall turnover. We are happy to meet regularly with your Heads of E-Commerce and Buying and Merchandising teams to highlight our discoveries.

    Micro reports will be created once our data has been actioned; allowing you to measure the impact our recommendations have on your company turnover.

    Types of Reporting: SEO Reporting

    We work with you to structure a set of SEO reports that meet with the goals and KPI’s of your online store. Upon request we can structure reports to match the architecture and naming conventions of your AdWords campaigns.

    Keeping a report that looks at each month compared with the previous months, as well as between years, is a great way of monitoring long-term SEO growth and improvements. We aim to create a set of SEO reports that drive growth and clearly explain your business.

    Types of Reporting: PPC Reporting

    Our PPC reporting is a flexible system that allows us to produce reports to satisfy your needs. From high-level data giving an overview of your traffic sources and their associated costs (in formats including Cost per Sale, Cost Per Acquisition and CPC), through to detailed reports giving data on the PPC marketing costs of individual items in the inventory of an online store. Our range of reporting solutions allows you to get a handle on your advertising expenditure.

    Marketing Channel
    Gap Analysis

    We look at the channels your competition are using to sell their products successfully online. This involves more than just looking at the main channels such as: PPC, affiliates, social media and organic search, but also marketplaces such as Amazon that can be equally as important.

    We conduct a deep analysis of each channel to find missed opportunities. This may include for example; the affiliate publishers that your competition feature on, but you do not; the social channels they are using and what keywords they are bidding on in PPC with Google and Bing etc.

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